Removing Ice Cream Stains From Your Carpets

Hot summer days have arrived here in the Kennewick, Richland, Pasco and the Tri Cities area. This means cold sweet treats come right behind. People of all ages love eating ice cream but dislike when it drips onto their fingers or clothes or is knocked right out of their hands. While a bit of lost ice cream can be easily replaced with a new scoop, sometimes ice cream can cause the more long-term problem of leaving a stain on your carpet.

At Continental Carpet Cleaning we have seen stains of all kinds and know the tricks to get rid of them. Here are a couple of options you can consider the next time someone has let too much ice cream slip out of their fingers. Try Option #1 first as it uses less harsh materials, and make sure to test each mixture you try on a discrete section first if you are worried that it might discolour your carpet.

Option #1

Blot the stain with dishwashing detergent and warm water

A mixture of one tablespoon of dishwashing detergent and two cups of warm water can be used to try to absorb the stain. Using a clean white cloth, press the mixture onto the stain like you were using a sponge. Then blot the mixture onto it until the ice cream has been absorbed off of the carpet.

Option #2

Blot the stain with ammonia and warm water

If the first option did not work for you, mix a tablespoon of ammonia with two cups of warm water. It is important that you do not use a mix of ammonia and chlorine bleach as this combination will create hazardous fumes. As with the first option, sponge the mixture onto the stain and then blot it until it is absorbed. Then use a clean cloth with some cold water on it to blot the area dry.

And there you have it, two methods for removing ice creams stains from your Tri Cities carpet using materials you have at home. With these tips in hand, hopefully you can feel more at ease when the kids (or adults) want to bring their ice cream treats indoors during a hot day. If neither of these methods work for you, or perhaps you have old stains of some unknown substance that you cannot get rid of, give us a call at Continental Carpet in Washington state. Our experienced workers will bring in their specialized tools, materials, and skills to get even the toughest stains out.