Removing Pet Stains From Your Richland Carpets

Knowing how pets can affect your carpet is important. Though your pet may mostly be fun to have around, it might not always care as much as it should for your Richland WA carpets. If you come home one day to find your pet has left a scent and stain where they should not be, Continental Carpet has a few tips to get the area clean again.

Step 1: Find exactly where the odor is

If the affected area is not apparent, use your nose and possibly a black light. You can buy a black light at a hardware store, and use it by turning off the light in the room and marking off the areas, with chalk, that show up in the dark.

Step 2: Soak the stains

For wet stains: Put newspaper under the area with urine on it, if possible (i.e. under an area rug), followed by a thick layer of paper towel and newspaper on top. For a minute, stand on the papers. Then remove it all, and repeat the process until the area is damp. If you can, put the papers at your pet’s proper bathroom, to reinforce where the “good” place to go is. Use cool water to rinse the area, and blot the area or use a wet vac to dry.

For dry stains: Use a wet vac or extractor to get rid of heavy traces of the stain. These machines, which should use water and not chemicals, will force clean water into your carpet and pull out dirty water. Afterwards, a high quality pet odor neutralizer can be used on the clean area (it will not work if the area is not rinsed of previously used carpet cleaners)–just test the product on a discrete area to make sure it will not cause discolouration.

A carpet stain remover can be used, too, if the previous machines didn’t work. Avoid steam cleaning, as the heat will set the stain and odor into the fibers. Chemicals with strong odors, such as ammonia and vinegar, are also not effective, as the pet odor will not get covered.

And it any of this does not work, or you need workers with the right equipment to do the job, contact us for our carpet cleaning in Tri-Cities Washington.