How To Remove From Your Carpets

With summer close to being offer, rainy fall days are upon us and they can bring with them muddy clothes and shoes. You can prevent some mud from getting on your carpet by having a mat by your door and encouraging family and guests to wipe their boots before they walk any further, but some over-eager kids and adults won’t follow this request. Pets can also be the culprit: even the best trained dog may not want to wait to have their paws wiped before running in the house. Even wiping shoes and paws at the door can’t prevent all mud from dirtying your carpets or area rugs. So, here are our tips for getting mud out of your carpet.

#1: Wait for the mud to dry

Wiping mud off the carpet when it is still wet can cause the stain bigger to get bigger or pushed deeper into the carpet. So, have a little patience. For the wettest mud stains, you can blot the carpet gently with a dry cloth before it dries but don’t rub it.

#2: Vacuum

A dry mud stain should be vacuumed slowly, to get as much dirt out as possible. Running over it quickly will not be as effective. Go over the stain many times, taking at least twice as long as you usually would to vacuum over the area. The amount of power your vacuum has will make a difference, but overall try vacuuming back and forth over the stain fifteen times or more.

#3: Mix dishwashing detergent and warm water

Combine a cup of warm water with a teaspoon of dishwashing detergent. Test this solution out on a discrete part of your carpet to make sure it will not cause discoloring.

#4: Blot the stain

Gently blot the stain with the mixture using a white cloth. You should be able to see on the cloth how much dirt is lifted off the carpet. Then blot the area dry with a new cloth.

The rainy weather in Tri-Cities Washington can definitely take a toll on your home. Give Continental Carpet Cleaning a call if you have stains you can’t get rid of, or even if you haven’t had your carpets cleaned in a while.