Keep Your Home Cleaner This Fall

Most people could benefit from some increased motivation to keep their home cleaner on a consistent basis throughout the year. It can be so easy to get back into old habits of letting messiness build, until you get a random burst of energy to clean again. Here are a few tips to help you with keeping your home cleaner in the fall.

Turn on your favourite tunes

Many psychology studies have shown how music can affect your emotions, notably to make you happier. Music also creates associations in the brain–so if you listen to a song you like while you clean, your brain will make a positive connection between the task of cleaning and the happiness you get from the music.

Change the layout of your home

If the last thing you want to do when you get home is clean everything in the same order as you always do, you can make the experience more exciting by giving your home a new look. Rearrange how the couches face the TV or add in a new coffee table. When you like the way your home looks, you’ll more likely want to keep it clean.

Figure out the best times to do certain cleaning activities

If Thursday is the night that your kids come running in the door with their muddy soccer cleats on, then save your vacuuming for Friday so you hopefully won’t have to do the task more than once in the week. If on Saturday night everyone makes a big family meal together, do your major kitchen cleaning on Sunday afternoon. Plan ahead so everything gets done only as often as it should.

Stay on top of regular maintenance tasks

Unclogging your drains regularly, changing vacuum filters about every three months, and blotting carpet stains as soon as they appear will make cleaning tasks run more efficiently.

Bring in the professionals once a year

To clean all of the bits and pieces that a standard vacuum might leave behind, or to get rid of tough stains that seem stuck to your carpet, contact us at Continental Carpet Cleaning in the Tri-Cities Washington area.