What You Need To Know About Buying New Carpeting

Our professional carpet cleaning service can save your carpet from all types of carpet stains. But sometimes you might need to buy new carpet or replace an old one. Whether you are replacing an old carpet in your home or business or thinking about putting carpet in an area where you have not had it before, you should take into consideration a few factors before you make a decision. Here’s what you should think about before buying a carpet.

How much traffic will you get on the carpet?

If you’re looking for a carpet for your living room or basement, in particular, you should consider how much your family and friends are going to end up walking in the room with their shoes on or with messy food in their hands. This could impact which color of carpet you choose or influence a decision to leave some parts of the area uncarpeted–if dirty shoes will cross the floor on a daily basis, dirt stains can quickly become a problem.

Businesses sometimes leave the parts of their floors that get the most traffic, such as the entranceway, uncarpeted. Consider the layout of a department store, where the walkways between departments are often the bare floor.

How much will it cost to replace the carpet?

You may get a great deal on a carpet now, but replacement costs down the line could end up more costly. One way to lessen the cost of replacement is to buy carpet tiles. Then, you will only have to replace one tile at a time when necessary. The downside is that these tiles are often not as nice looking as a single carpet is.

What kind of mood do you want to create?

You have the freedom to decorate your home as you wish, but if this is a business you are buying a carpet for you should consider the services you are providing or products you are selling. Just like how the music you play sends a message to your clientele, your carpet can also impact how comfortable or energized they feel. There should be a difference between the carpets of a health clinic and a vintage clothing store, for instance.

When do you get your new carpets installed, don’t forget about the benefits of getting them cleaned regularly.