4 Signs You Need A Professional Water Damage Restoration Company To Check For Flood Damage

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Generally speaking, a house is one of the greatest investments in your life. You need to look at household issues and fix them before they get worse so as to protect the investment.

The water loss is a terrifying problem for homeowners. If left unattended, exposure to residential water can exposure the structure or cause other issues, including molds that pose a health risk for the public. sSeveral methods are available to detect water damage in your home. We  utilitize thermal imaging cameras to visibly see the water damage. Call Continental Carpet Cleaning and Restoration for a free inspection at (509) 582-9121.  

Check Your Floors For Signs of Leaks
Check the floors It will show signs of exposure to water, no matter what sort of flooring you have. Seek broken, buckled or twisted flooring for tile and wood. Be wary of moisture, gradual rises, low points or the scent of the mold and moisture when it comes to the tapestry.

Look For Stains Indicating Water Damage
Water stains are one of the most visible indications of damage to water on the floor of the bath or toilet, as well as stains on roofs and walls. Unusual stains may indicate that the wall contains a leaky pipe or drain. Cracks in the drywall or places that feel swollen and fragile to touch may also mean problems. Peeling is another indication that the water is loose within the walls. The coat will lose adhesion when the drywall is saturated. 

Exterior Visual Inspection
Observe your home’s exterior. What is required are standing water pools which may mean poor drainage in the yard, gutters that do not carry water far enough from the house or overflowing rain canals. What do you want? All of these problems could jeopardize your house. Further, water pools; bent, warped, or missing shingles; or damaged lighting may be typical signs of damage to the roof water.

Look For Rust and Mold
Inspect the water heater for corrosion or damp spot on the floor and test for corrosion. Rust and mold inspect. A slow leak can be demonstrated by a rusted tank. Furthermore, corrosion may be caused by water runoff around the tube connections. Visual proof of successful mold growth indicates that moisture is exposed to microscopic mold spores sometimes in your nooks and cranes. Don’t depend on sight alone, eventually. The mold and bacteria will grow in stagnant water to create an unpleasant, musty smell.

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