What Happens During The Water Damage Restoration Process And Flood Cleanup?

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Your home is one of the most important investments. To most people, owning a home has its benefits as well as its responsibilities also. When you own a home, it is your responsibility to keep it safe, secure and livable for as long as you can. That is why, if there is any water damage or flooding it is important that you call a restoration company as quickly as possible in order to mitigation your home. The longer you wait, the more chance there is that mold will grow. 

While there are situations in which you can prevent this from happening such as checking your home’s structure to ensure that everything is functional, there are also some that you can’t control such as natural disasters, storms, flooding, pipe breaks, toilet overflows, and washing machine flooding. When a storm hits your area, the effect can be felt for week, months, or years depending on how bad the storm is. Your home can be exposed to severe damage such as water damage or house flooding. When your home needs flood cleanup, whether due to natural flooding or water leaks from a plumbing problem, it is recommended that you address the problem immediately in order to prevent further damage. In fact, many homeowners insurance policies require you to call a restoration company immediately to prevent further secondary damage.


The water damage cleanup and removal process may look and sound simple, but it can get quite complicated. It requires the right equipment, certified techs, expertise, and years of education. The task is more than just removing sucking up the water from the floor and setting up a few fans. Water can get inside wall cavities, framing, sill plates, and other hidden moisture areas. You should trust the experts at Continental Restoration they have the proper skills and equipment that can deal with water damage.

So, what actually happens during the water damage removal process? Many clients have never experience a flood, and we’re here to help and guide you through it. Here are some things you should expect:

  • Inspection and assessment of the area
    Water damage restoration professionals will inspect the area so that they can see the severity of the damage and do an assessment of what solution will be the most effective. They will also measure the damage by categories and classes to come up with an effective restoration plan.
  • Water and moisture removal
    Professionals will use the right tools to remove water and bound moisture efficiently and they work quickly because they know that it is one of the keys to effective restoration. The quicker the water is removed and dry, the less chance there is of permanent damage.
  • Dry the area and setting up water damage equipment
    Once the water is all removed, we will dry out your home using state of the art high speed air movers that are especially made for flood restoration. We will also use commercial dehumidifiers to better make sure that all moisture is removed.
  • Disinfect and cleaning
    When everything is dry and clean, we will make sure the home is disinfected so there is no bacteria or mold left.
  • Area restoration
    Once cleaning is done, it is time for the rebuild. Our experts are Continental Restoration can help you through the rebuild process. If there are items that were damaged during the flood such as bathroom vanities, drywall, or flooring, they will be replaced.

Water damage can be challenging to deal with but with quick and immediate action and entrusting the right water damage removal experts will make sure your home will be back to the way it was before the house flood.

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