How DIY Water Damage Cleanup Costs More Money Than Hiring A Water Damage Restoration Company

With Google, YouTube, and Pinterest, there has been a rise in do-it-yourself (DIY)  projects for homeowners. Whether it is crafts or simple home repairs, many people have found ways to spruce their homes without hiring anyone to help. However, some home projects should not be done yourself. Regarding water damage in your home, it is best to hire a professional water damage restoration company to help you out. If you don’t, it might become more expensive shortly after.

Water Damage Restoration WashingtonCutting Corners Can Make Things Worse

If you are not trained, certified, and experienced water damage restoration, you will likely find yourself cutting corners during the cleanup process. You may use a quick fix to dry an area and decide it is “good enough,” but it isn’t. If water damage is not adequately cleaned up, it will lead to more damage in the future. You will likely find mold in your home that you can’t eliminate because the moisture has not been wholly removed from an area. Materials like wood and drywall can become softened and warped over time if they remain damp. Carpet and furniture might be ruined if they are not cleaned up quickly and entirely after they experience water damage. All of these issues become more costly the longer you wait.

Improper Equipment Will Make it Harder

Water damage is difficult to fix because it often affects areas below the surface of your home, such as under the floorboards and inside the walls or ceiling. Unfortunately, using towels and electrical fans will likely not dry out all the water. Water damage restoration companies have professional equipment designed to remove moisture from all areas, not just on the surface. They will be able to dry everything and assess the damage to make sure no further damage from the water occurs in an efficient manner. 

Water Damage and Flooding Can Be Dangerous

Water damage, including any standing water, can be a big problem. Your first instinct might be to get in the water, save what you can, and start soaking it up with buckets, towels, squeegees, and whatever else you have. However, there are several reasons why this is a bad idea. Standing water that has reached electrical outlets can be electrically charged, which means that coming in contact with it can lead to electric shock. In addition, standing water is likely filled with all kinds of bacteria and harmful chemicals to come in contact with, especially if the water is from a broken appliance or overflowing toilet. You cannot know for sure that the water is safe. It is best to allow a professional water damage restoration company to come and help you because they will be able to remove the water, and they will likely be able to save more of your damaged possessions than you realize could be saved. 

Water Damage Restoration in Washington

If you have experienced water damage in your Kennewick home, do not try to fix it yourself. Call Continental Cleaning and Restoration to help you take care of the water. They will keep you from worrying about your home so you know it is safe and in good hands.