What You Need To Know About Buying New Carpeting

Our professional carpet cleaning service can save your carpet from all types of carpet stains. But sometimes you might need to buy new carpet or replace an old one. Whether you are replacing an old carpet in your home or business or thinking about putting carpet in an area where you have not had it before, you should […]

Keep Your Home Cleaner This Fall

Most people could benefit from some increased motivation to keep their home cleaner on a consistent basis throughout the year. It can be so easy to get back into old habits of letting messiness build, until you get a random burst of energy to clean again. Here are a few tips to help you with […]

Why Choose a Professional Richland Carpet Cleaning Company

You have a lot to keep clean in your Richland home, and one area you might struggle with is your carpets. Carpet cleaning can be a preventative measure against the buildup of dust and other particles that could end up in your home. It is also used to get carpets looking as good as factory new again. […]

How To Remove From Your Carpets

With summer close to being offer, rainy fall days are upon us and they can bring with them muddy clothes and shoes. You can prevent some mud from getting on your carpet by having a mat by your door and encouraging family and guests to wipe their boots before they walk any further, but some […]

How Often Should You Have Carpets Professionally Cleaned?

To get your home at its cleanest, sometimes you have to bring professionals in. Your carpet will look its best for the longest possible amount of time if you get it professionally cleaned before it starts to look worn out. There is no hard and fast rule for how often you should get your carpet […]

Removing Pet Stains From Your Richland Carpets

Knowing how pets can affect your carpet is important. Though your pet may mostly be fun to have around, it might not always care as much as it should for your Richland WA carpets. If you come home one day to find your pet has left a scent and stain where they should not be, Continental Carpet has a […]

Avoiding Allergies in the Home

Last week we talked about a the health benefits of regular carpet cleanings. Allergic reactions can occur for any number of reasons inside and outside of your home. While you cannot always avoid reactions when walking outside, you can often control it indoors. Continental Carpet Cleaning have a few tips to avoiding allergies in the home. […]

The Health Benefits of Regular Carpet Cleaning

If you have carpeting in your home, you know how quickly it can get dirty. But you might not know that regular vacuuming often does not clean the carpet as well as it possibly can be cleaned. Various pollutants can get left in your carpet’s fibres, which harms the indoor air quality and can cause […]

Removing Mustard Stains From Your Carpets

Mustard is a delicious condiment for barbequed foods and can even be used in dips and sauces–perfect for when you are entertaining guests. But it is also messy and can easily stain your carpet. How can you get mustard stains out of your carpet, especially when you do not have the time to run out […]

Removing Ice Cream Stains From Your Carpets

Hot summer days have arrived here in the Kennewick, Richland, Pasco and the Tri Cities area. This means cold sweet treats come right behind. People of all ages love eating ice cream but dislike when it drips onto their fingers or clothes or is knocked right out of their hands. While a bit of lost […]