Removing Pet Stains From Your Richland Carpets

Knowing how pets can affect your carpet is important. Though your pet may mostly be fun to have around, it might not always care as much as it should for your Richland WA carpets. If you come home one day to find your pet has left a scent and stain where they should not be, Continental Carpet has a […]

Removing Mustard Stains From Your Carpets

Mustard is a delicious condiment for barbequed foods and can even be used in dips and sauces–perfect for when you are entertaining guests. But it is also messy and can easily stain your carpet. How can you get mustard stains out of your carpet, especially when you do not have the time to run out […]

Removing Ice Cream Stains From Your Carpets

Hot summer days have arrived here in the Kennewick, Richland, Pasco and the Tri Cities area. This means cold sweet treats come right behind. People of all ages love eating ice cream but dislike when it drips onto their fingers or clothes or is knocked right out of their hands. While a bit of lost […]

Removing Soda From Your Carpets

Like many drinks, soda is easy to spill but hard to get off of a carpet. It might be even more difficult to remove than red wine. You, your friend or child may have gotten a little overexcited or careless, and the next thing you know the soda is no longer in its glass like it […]

5 Options To Remove Wine From Your Kennewick Carpets

It’s bound to happen at some point if you host enough parties: someone spills red wine on your Kennewick carpet. Whatever your response is to the incident, you do not need to immediately panic—that red wine has some weaknesses. You actually have quite a few options available before you require professional carpet cleaning services, some which […]