Tile Cleaning in West Richland WA

Look at our tile cleaning process. Can you see all the dirt we are removing from the pores of the grout during the process? This tile turned out beautiful!

Ceramic floor tile and grout gets dirty in several different ways. It’s either mildew or mold causing the grout stains in the bathroom. When it comes to kitchen, it may due to domestic food stains, high-traffic rooms, moisture and dew. Regardless of what the reason for the staining, begin with the easiest and least acidic tile and grout cleaning solution first and perhaps move up to intense chemical cleansers if you’re not successful to clean the grout completely. Read more

With quite a few stains, standard home items such as baking soda, vinegar could be effective cleaners. Make use of diluted vinegar with equal proportion of water or a blend of baking soda and a bit of water to wash the grout with. It is vital to dab or spray onto a nominal length of grout and scrub the same with a stiff brush. Keep in note that scrubbing in small circles will eliminate more debris inside the grout. Rinse well with water and cleanup and remaining moisture with the help of a sponge.

Commercial tile and grout cleaning tips:
In case your grout hasn’t come completely clean, the next thing would be to test a grout cleaner. Try to look for a professional cleaner that’s pH balanced to ensure that the harmful chemicals within the product will not erode the grout with ongoing use. In order to get the best out put from commercial cleaners, spray it on and allow it to take a couple of minutes before scrubbing .

Use of Hydrogen Peroxide:
2(HO) is a good bleaching agent and can turn dark, grey and brown grout into its original color. Nevertheless peroxide should not be applied on colored grout. Simply fill an ordinary bottle of spray with portion of 2(HO) and the remaining half with water. The mixture can be saved and reused later. The use of 2(HO) will do wonders when it involves cleaning mildew.

Important tips:
• It is safe to make use of quality gloves, face mask and eye wear when working with highly concentrated cleaners to stay away from irritation.
• Double check whether the working area is ventilated while using any chemical cleaners or bleach.

• In case if you plan to use a rag or washcloth to wipe the cleaner off, ensure that it is safe when bleached.
• Before mopping try to vacuum or sweep in order to eliminate the presence of dry soil. Do not forget to rinse the floor after mop.

• It is safe to test the grout cleaner on a small, off traffic area first to make certain it will not erode or damage your grout work.

• Keep in note that combination of different cleaner might result in chemical reaction.

Here’s to beautiful tile floors again!